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Accessing Vetmed Files from Home

H, J, K, and Other Drives over the Internet

Before You Can Access Your Vetmed Files

  You must have a valid Vetmed Login name and password

  And have an active internet connection

To Set up a Network Place in Windows XP:

Setting up a Network Place will allow you to view your files in a normal window, allowing you to copy, edit, or delete files straight off the server. You may do this more than once, for your H, J and K drives if you wish.

  Click on the Start Menu and go to "My Network Places"

  Click on "Add a network place" located in the top left of the window

  You have now opened the "Add a Network Place Wizard"

  Click Next

  Select the "Choose another network location" option, click Next

  The address to enter is the address that you want that is specified in the table below, Example:

  Click Next, you will be prompted to enter your Vetmed username and password, do so

  For the name of the network place you can choose whatever you want, click Next

  Uncheck the box to "Open this network place when I click Finish"

  Click Finish

To Set Up a Network Place In Windows Vista and 7:

In Windows Vista and 7 theres a restriction built into the operating system that only allows file transfers of 50 mb or smaller through network drives. Removing this restriction requires application of a registry fix.

  Download the registry fix here. When you click the link, choose the option to Save the file rather than Open.

  You will need to extract the "Filesize" folder anywhere onto your computer.

  Then right click the "Filesize.reg" file and select Merge.

  A warning window will appear, click Yes. Your computer is now configured to allow larger network file transfers.

Your computer is now configured to allow larger file transfers over the network once your Network Places have been added.

  Click on the Start Menu and go to "Computer"

  Right-click in a blank area of the window

  Click Add a Network Location

  Click Next

  Click Choose a custom network location and click Next

  In the dialog box, type in the address of the location you want to add, chosen from the table below, and click Next

  Give the network location an appropriate name and click Next

  Click Finish

You Can Access Files Through Website Links:

  Each department has its own website for its employees' personal files, so locate your department in the left column and click on the link in the right column. If you set up a Network Place open the folders through My Network Places rather than these links, otherwise click the links and you will be able to download the files only

  The organization within each department is given by that which is in parentheses

  Upon clicking on your link it will ask you to log in. Use your Vetmed ID and password

  All departments share the same address for their J drives, however only folders you can access are visible.

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